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Where My Thought's Escaping

It's non-stop parties around these parts. Yesterday I sneaked off to a Christmas lunch and subsequent pubbing held by my new employer (shh!), today is my current employer's bash and tonight is my karate class's party. As well, each floor in my office (four in total) holds an afternoon drinks-and-nibbles event at some point during the final week.

TBH I feel somewhat partied and chocolated out and just want to go HOME. At least five of my favourite people await in Dorset (that includes you, kowarth), one of whom, my lifelong Best Friend, I only ever manage to see at Christmas; callmemadam keeps posting wistful-making photos of the Christmas decorations and I haven't had a whole week off work since May. I would trade in all the past and future festivities of the week if it could be three o'clock on Friday afternoon right now.

However, Christmas is not allowed to arrive until two final presents, on their ways from and eBay, make an appearance. Knowing there's nothing I can do about when they might be delivered is incredibly frustrating.

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