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  1. We had the first of many office parties today, and the festivities included a match-the-Bond-title-song-to-the-singer quiz. I thought this would be money for jam, but quickly realised that
    1. I couldn't sort out any of the Brosnan-era themes, because they were all crap
    2. I couldn't for the life of me remember how the song from Octopussy went. All I could think of was Russ Abbott's unsuccessful submission, which rhymed it with 'brazen hussy' and was accompanied by the banjo
  2. I heard 'Morning Town Ride' by the Seekers on Radio 2 last night, fell in love with it, downloaded it and have been singing it all day. This is slightly embarrassing; I may have to kidnap a small child and pretend I'm singing for its entertainment rather than my own
  3. I have got the entire third floor singing 'The Chapel Of Love'
  4. There should be a carol that goes '<ol>, <ol>, <ol>, <ol>, born is the King of HTML'

'All Time High'! That's the one from Octopussy! Curses!

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