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Glögg Glögg Glögg

calgor and I had a few people over for mulled beverages on Saturday night. I had never mulled anything before, but I think I can chalk the affair up as a resounding success. The ten of us got through:

  • Three litres of red wine enhanced with sloe gin
  • Four pints of cider enhanced with crème de cassis
  • Two litres of apple juice
  • One bottle of non-alcoholic Glögg from IKEA

These are the recipes I used:

It's a shame you can only really get away with mulled drinks parties once a year. Apart from anything else, it means using the delightful word 'mulled'. Until next Christmas, I'll just have to mull lots of things over.

Also: insofox gave me a keyring in the shape of Tintin, wearing an orange space suit, and was afraid I wouldn't like it! The very idea!

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