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Holding Out for Jon Pertwee

Today I increased the roster of LiveJournalists I Have Actually Met by having lunch with tillytilly. She recognised me immediately, which was lucky as my strategy for meeting up consisted of wandering the concourse at London Bridge looking as much like myself as possible.

tillytilly is a proper published author - go here! - currently working on a novel about werewolves set in Oxford, and the original idea of meeting was that I might have useful information to impart on both subject and setting. So of course we spent most of lunch talking about Quantum Leap and comparing current children's cartoons with those of In Our Day.

Pies and pints with authors of erotic fiction aside, I've spent much of today watching and rewatching this video, linked to by the_maenad. It's a montage of Third Doctor clips set to Holding Out for a Hero, and it's absolutely delicious. Every time I try to settle down and do some work I start thinking about Jon Pertwee being strong and fast and fresh from the fight, and it becomes impossible to concentrate on anything else.

Patrick Troughton cavorting to the theme from The Littlest Hobo is worth catching too.
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