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007 reasons why Casino Royale rocked

  1. Character called 'Dryden' in first scene!
  2. The opening titles: a little busy, but very, very stylish. They had a look I could imagine on a Pan paperback.
  3. Daniel Craig was, to my surprise, a believable Bond. He had the ruthlessness, the snobbishness, the hardness and the falling for a 'bird with a wing down'. I can't say I've ever pictured Bond as having freckles, though. (Sidenote: why are male nipples so repulsive?)
  4. I fall more and more in love with Judi Dench every film, though I wish M didn't increasingly treat 007 as her favourite unruly child; I stopped believing a long time ago that she would genuinely punish him for any of his misdemeanours. Where is the frostiness she displayed in Goldeneye? And who was she in bed with? Can that have been Mr. M?
  5. That torture scene, which I couldn't believe they left in. I was disconcerted to see Le Chiffre ripping the bottom out of the cane chair, because the impression I had from the novel was that he liked to keep a seatless chair and a carpet-beater handy on the off chance.
  6. With all due respect to Ian Fleming, drowning yourself in a lift beats taking an overdose hands down.
  7. Bond's creation of the Vesper cocktail, and its adoption by everyone else at the table - was that a nod to the old "Hey, I'd love a Babycham!" ad?
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