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Ferry cross the Thamesey

I've reached the point I usually reach in temp jobs: the one where I run out of stuff to do before day's end. Being paid by the hour, I'll then just sit in front of a blank terminal, bored stiff but resolutely earning money. Usually some sensible soul comes over and says "This is silly. Put the full hours on your timesheet and go home", as happened today.

The problem - well, the problem is often that I type too darn quickly. It comes to something when a professional typist advises you on your first day to slow down a bit. But the other problem is bureaucracy in large organisations, such that a department can request a temp during a busy period and not get one until months later when things have calmed down. Having got their temp, though, they're determined to hang on to it and get their money's worth.

Someone asked me today how I got to work. I told them I went up to Greenwich and through the Blackwall Tunnel, and they suggested I try the Woolwich Ferry instead. Thanks to the kindness of my supervisor I started for home while it was still light, so thought I'd give it a shot.

Wow. The ferry is free, comes every five minutes and takes about 5 - 10 minutes to cross the river. Motorbikes can shimmy to the front of the queue and be first on, first off. You can also stand on deck admiring the view, benefiting from the fresh air (fresher than the Blackwall Tunnel anyway) and chatting to your fellow bikers, while car drivers have to remain in their vehicles.

If anything can make going to work more bearable, going to work on a boat can.

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