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Blåbär och Fläder

If you're familiar with the earthly paradise that is IKEA's Swedish Food Shop, you'll know about Kopparberg cider. They sell an apple and a pear version.

Last night I found myself in one of J. D. Wetherspoon's fine pubs, where they are currently serving not only apple and pear but blackberry Kopparberg. I couldn't resist and had a bottle of the latter.

It was pink and tasted of Vimto.

4.5% abv Vimto.

Oh boy!

I had a look at the Kopparberg website today. Here are the flavours of cider they make:

  • Blueberry
  • Blueberry and lime
  • Cloudberry
  • Cranberry
  • Elderflower and lime
  • Raspberry and blackcurrant
  • Summer fruits
  • Super Cider ICE Blueberry and Lime (turquoise, probably an alcopop)

My God. I may have to camp outside IKEA with a placard until they import more flavours.

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