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Welcome to the Machine

Yesterday I went to see Metropolis at the NFT. Today I burned a copy of Wish You Were Here for queen_jude(*). So naturally I started wondering if you could use the latter as a soundtrack for the former (which is a silent movie accompanied, originally, by stirring orchestral music), à la Dark Side Of The Moon / Wizard of Oz. And lo, it works!
The Oppressed Workers: Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part 1 [intro]
The Sons' Club: Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part 1 [lyrics]
Freder visits the Heart Machine: Welcome To The Machine
Joh Fredersen, Master of Metropolis: Have A Cigar
Rotwang, Hel and The Man Machine: Wish You Were Here
I realise this leaves Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part 2 to cover the remaining two-thirds of the film. But this is the Floyd we're talking about - I'm sure they could be persuaded to noodle pointlessly for as many hours as it takes to reach the end...

(By the way, I had never seen this film before last night and I didn't know what I was missing. See it. See it ASAP. See it this week at the National Film Theatre!)

(*) I didn't really. That would be illegal and rob the record companies of their revenue. Why would I do a thing like that?

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