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It's Cocktail Time!

You asked for them (well, hoshuteki did), you got 'em. Presenting cocktail recipes from a bygone age by 'Robert', late of the Embassy Club, London.

Depth Bomb Cocktail

Fill the shaker half full of broken ice and add:

¼ gill of Brandy.
¼ gill of Apple Jack Brandy.
1 teaspoonful of Grenadine.
2 teaspoonsful of fresh Lemon Juice.

Shake well and strain into a cocktail-glass.

This drink was very popular in the Royal Air Force of the British Empire during the Great War. It is called after the famous bomb which was dropped from the bombarding air machines that caused panic amongst the German troops behind the lines.


Fill the shaker half full of broken ice and add:

¼ gill of Calvados.
1/8 gill of Caloric Punch.
1/8 gill of Grape Fruit Juice.

Shake well and strain into a cocktail-glass.

Diki-Diki is the chief monarch of the Island Ubian (South Philippines), who is now 37 years old, weighs 23lb., and his height is 32in.

The author introduced this cocktail at the Embassy Club in London, February, 1922.


Fill the bar glass half full of broken ice and add:

1 dash of Orange Bitters.
¼ gill of Sloe Gin.
1/8 gill of French Vermouth.
1/8 gill of Italian Vermouth.

Stir up with a spoon, strain into a cocktail-glass, and squeeze lemon-peel on top.

Meehoulong is the Chinese word for 'fire-eating devil'.

And finally, here's one I've been enjoying on a regular basis. I'm proud to report that I had everything in the drinks cabinet bar the lime (I substituted crème de frambois for the raspberry syrup).
Bliz's Royal Rickey

Put 1 or 2 lumps of ice in a tumbler and add:

The juice of half a lime.
The juice of a quarter of a lemon.
1 teaspoonful of Raspberry Syrup.
½ gill of French Vermouth.
¼ gill of Gin.

Fill up the balance with Ginger Ale, stir up, add fruit on top, and
stir with a spoon.
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