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B My Baby

Pick five songs which begin with a letter you've been assigned and write about them., again. klepsydra gave me a B!

BBC - Ming Tea
There are brief musical interludes in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery that show Austin jamming with his band, Ming Tea. This ode to 1960s Britishness makes me laugh every time, and I feel sorry for future generations who won't understand how funny it was now that we really do have BBC3 through 7.

Boys Don't Cry - The Cure
I usually got intensely irritated by my boarding-school roommates' music, but I ended up liking the Cure so much I even went to see them at Wembley a couple of years ago. Robert Smith has his finger firmly on the pulse - the one in your wrist - of teen angst. So angry! Yet so miserable!

Bang Bang - Nancy Sinatra
According to kowarth the entire plot of Kill Bill evolved from Tarantino's mental image of an opening scene set to this piece of music. The lyrics, by Sonny Bono, are fairly twee but the intro and Nancy's voice are haunting.

Bye Bye Love - The Everly Brothers
My introduction to the world of the Everlies was Simon & Garfunkel's cover of this song on Bridge Over Troubled Water. A song with lyrics like this shouldn't make the audience get to its feet and clap in time to the music, yet it does.

Blues Run The Game - Jackson C. Frank
Another song I first heard as a Simon & Garfunkel cover and fell in love with. Pandora astutely played me the original; currently awaiting delivery of the CD.

On the B-list: Baby Can I Hold You (Tracy Chapman), Break On Through (The Doors), Big Bad John (Jimmy Dean), Birdhouse In Your Soul (They Might Be Giants), Bobby Brown Goes Down (Frank Zappa)

Anyone want a letter, or another letter, or anything?
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