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Two Music Things

From kayotae: Pick a song lyric that fits how you see yourself. Just one.

Tangled in the fallen vines
Picking up the punchlines
I know I'm fakin' it
Not really makin' it.
This feeling of fakin' it
I still haven't shaken it.

Fakin' It - Paul Simon

From everyone: pick five songs which begin with a letter you've been assigned and write about them. katstevens kindly gave me H - presumably for Husky, though it could equally be for Hapless Horrible Hairy Hooligan, or nothing at all.

Hey Schoolgirl - Tom & Jerry
'Tom & Jerry' was what Simon and Garfunkel called themselves when they first got together, because they thought 'Simon and Garfunkel' sounded too silly. 'Hey Schoolgirl' was their only hit under this name, released in 1956 and propelling the teenagers onto national television. Boy fancies girl, who fobs him off by telling him she's got too much homework. Well, would you date someone who started conversations with 'woo-mop-a-loo-chi-bop'?

House of the Rising Sun - The Animals
Recognisable from the first note as something different. It must be the arrangement that makes this so brilliant, because it sure ain't the lyrics - although the hoarse, despairing way they're delivered helps. When I first heard this I had to ask my mum what she thought the eponymous house actually was; she suggested it involved cigarettes and whisky and wild, wild women.

Hello, I Love You - The Doors
Very bouncy and rocky for the Doors, but Jim Morrison still gets all poetic ('Sidewalk crouches at her feet/Like a dog that begs for something sweet') and, later, does some of the shrieky shouting made famous by 'The End'. It's a forceful, insistent song and I like the conceit of declaring your love before actually knowing the recipient's name.

Hopeless Bleak Despair - They Might Be Giants
Typical TMBG fare: it makes no sense, it doesn't rhyme and it's hugely catchy. The narrator suffers from hopeless bleak despair, until one day he doesn't. How does he get rid of it? That's the surprise twist!

Hotel California - The Eagles
Another song that snags you with its instantly recognisable intro. I'm a sucker for songs about travelling across America. For a long time I thought this one was about riding a motorbike, as I misheard 'my head grew heavy and my sight grew dim' as 'my head grew heavy and my cycle dim', but I still liked it after I was disabused of this notion.

Anyone want a letter?
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