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Alone Again Or

Love singer Arthur Lee dies at 61

Arthur Lee and Love formed part of the folk rock movement, my favourite genre, and of the psychedelic LA scene that also contained my beloved Doors. I am extremely fond of the two of their three albums I own (Da Capo and Forever Changes).

Lee himself was an interesting chap, not least for being a black dude on a white scene - making Love the first mixed-race rock group - and a great songwriter (with the possible exception of the line 'O the snot has caked upon my pants'). The band deserved more recognition, which they didn't get at the time because they didn't go on tour. They didn't go on tour because they couldn't get the staff. They couldn't get the staff because it was alleged that they had murdered their road manager. See? Interesting stuff!

If you've never heard it, track down 'Alone Again Or' and give it a listen for Arthur today. Spread the Love!
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