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Into the tiger's and African Wild Dog's den

As you might have gathered, I spent my weekend in the company of le_loup_peint and raja_laba_laba. I collected sci on the way for his very first pillion ride, and the infamous rosé came too, which explains the conversation leading to this morning's post. Yes, ladies, poor Louvé is drowning in testosterone and I am simply not girly enough to redress the balance all by myself, though galahadwarhorse might be.

We spent the evening dipping things into the chocolate fountain that was wardy's wedding gift to the happy couple. Salted popcorn works - true! Waffles are good too. Chik'ki and I discovered a mutual fondness for Joan Baez and I left with five hours' worth of her music I didn't possess before.

Thanks, guys. I'll be back.

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