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Ooh, That Rose Tyler

I've worked out why I get so frothy and indignant about the Doctor and Rose carrying on the way they do. (I've said it before and I'll say it again: it would never work. She's twenty and he's 900. And that's just IQ points. Anyway.)

The Doctor has had loads of Companions and he has loved them all dearly. Some of them he's 'died' for. And all this I'm-different-I'm-special, sexual-tension, snoggy-snoggy business devalues their contribution and their relationship with the Doctor - as does the overlong big emotional farewell. Messing around with supernovas just to say goodbye (and thank God he didn't get an "I love you" out, or I would have thrown up)? No! Dump 'em in E-Space for their own good and sod off, that's the Doctor's modus operandi.


"Oh, I can't leave the Doctor! He'll be ALL ON HIS OWN!" (Was that a flash of trapped-animal fear in the Doc's eyes when Rose proclaimed she would stay with him forevah?)

Please. How long is the Doctor generally alone after ditching one of his Companions? Half an episode, max. In this case, all of two seconds after hanging up on Rose.

Silly little tart.
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