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Kovu's Mighty Adventure

O lucky me. I was browsing the local charity shops and what should I find but a LARGE plush Kovu, my very favourite Lion King (or rather Lion Prince Consort). Furthermore he was a talking model with voice box and batteries in good working order and a moving muzzle. Squeeze his paw and he says "Who are you, Pridelander?" or "Rowr! Someday, I'm gonna be King!"

I snapped him up immediately (the lady in the shop was very sorry to see him go and warned him to Be Good as she put him in a carrier bag). Unfortunately this meant I would have to carry him around with me all day, as I was heading off to play football in Regents Park and didn't have time to drop him off at home.

So there I was, on a train with a large carrier full of plush lion cub, lovingly stroking his head cos I was so pleased to have him. That was when I discovered that he also talks if you squeeze his ear. But instead of saying one sentence and then shutting the hell up, in ear mode he carries on burbling random phrases for some time.

So there I was, on a train with a large carrier full of plush lion cub, who every few seconds invited my fellow-travellers to go on an adventure with him. I've had better journeys.

Incidentally, Talking Kovu is one of the most dastardly marketing ploys Disney has ever come up with. He and Talking Kiara were sold separately, but if you buy both they interact. To encourage you to purchase Kiara, every second phrase Kovu says is "I need to talk to Kiara!", "Can you help me find Kiara?" or "I'm looking for Kiara."

Anyone out there have a Kiara? I feel like I'm only hearing half the conversation here.

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