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I was scanning the Bromley News Shopper on Wednesday night in the hope that they'd printed the rude letter I emailed them last week (no, not yet) when I spotted that the Bromley Little Theatre, up the road from me, was putting on a performance of Dad's Army to raise money for an Alzheimer's charity. So I went along to support local arts in the community, and also to perv at old men in uniform.

Some of the cast were very good, and the ones who were less good put a lot of effort in. Sergeant Wilson was probably the best of the bunch; he didn't much resemble John Le Mesurier physically, alas, but he had the voice and mannerisms down pat. And he was about a foot and a half taller than Captain Mainwaring, to great comic effect.

They did the episode where the platoon has to guard a captured U-boat crew (yes, the "What is your name?" "Don't tell him, Pike!" one) and two others. At the end there was a raffle for the charity, and the chap who played Private Pike emerged from the dressing-room: "Mr Mannerin' told me I had to come and help with the tombola. Ooh, that looks a bit dangerous!"

The theatre is run as a private club, with only members allowed to purchase tickets for themselves and guests; the charity performance was an exception. All the staff and patrons were absolutely lovely. Next month they're putting on There's A Girl In My Soup, and holding auditions for Cold Comfort Farm.

I think I'll join.

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