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Me and room service, baby, we're living a life of sin

Good morning, you talented, witty and literate people! Why yes, I do want something.

It has recently come to my attention (I'm very slow) that paid account holders suddenly have space for more usericons than you can shake a stick at. Accordingly, I have been reinstating some icons that fell by the wayside and adding some brand new ones.

This is where you come in.

This icon here:


is taken from a poster for Casablanca. I plan to use it for posts about Dipsomania, Dissolution, Disillusionment, Despair and other awful things, preferably beginning with D. It's rather nice as it stands, but it really needs some text in that black bit at the top. Unfortunately, I have run out of inspiration.

So, what is Bogie saying, or thinking, or having said about him? A quote from the film? A pertinent song lyric? Can you think up something brilliant to fill that space?

I'm keen on "When I ain't drinking, baby, you are on my mind", from one of my current favourite songs, Blues Run The Game. But I know there's a better fit out there.

The rules:
  1. There is no prize except my gratitude and admiration, which are priceless.
  2. I reserve the right to ignore your fantastic suggestions and go with something less funny of my own
Go to it!
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