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Catford to Barking

For today and the next few weeks, unless something better turns up, I am a typist for the Serious Crime Group. This is just as cool as it sounds, as I get to type up witness statements along the lines of 'I looked out of the window and saw a man lying on the pavement with his head in a pool of blood, and then I went back to watching telly'.

I was thrilled to learn that I would be inputting data to HOLMES, because we covered HOLMES in my Computer Studies A/S Level (in which I got a C) and thus I know various facts about it including that it stands for 'Home Office Large Major Enquiry System'. A clear case of stretching the description to fit the desired acronym.

I also get a neato security pass.

Funny thing about Barking. I can get there easily, but buggered if I can ever get back by the same route. You'd think there would be a couple of signs marked 'LONDON', London being a sizeable place, but no. And try as I might to retrace my steps logically, I always end up mincing home via East Ham and Plaistow. Today I spent fifteen minutes of my life which I won't get back wandering in and out of a housing estate in Little Ilford.

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