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Everything About It Is A Love Song

I've just illegally downloaded Paul Simon's new album, Surprise, in its entirety, simultaneously with preordering it from (which took almost as long). I'm not repentant at all; he'll still get my £8.95 and I'm buggered if I'm waiting till June 5th while all of North America is groovin' to it already.

If you want to sneak a listen while remaining respectable and above board, has three complete tracks for your pleasure and samples of the rest (thanks for pointing that out, insofox!).

Paul's still in the same mellow, contemplative key he used for 2001's You're The One. He's not an angry beatnik any more, nor an insecure troubadour; he's a thoughtful bloke with very little hair left who's looking back at his marriages and his kids and wondering if he did OK, worrying about the ozone layer and God.

Midway through my second listen now, and my favourite new track so far is 'Another Galaxy':
There is a moment, a chip in time, when leaving home is the lesser crime.
When your eyes are blind with tears, but your heart can see: another life, another galaxy.

I say 'new track' because the single, 'Father and Daughter', has actually been knocking around for a good four years since he wrote it for The Wild Thornberrys Movie. cybersofa, appropriately enough, sent me an MP3ed copy on its first Radio 2 appearance and I've always loved it; the line about 'standing guard like a postcard of a Golden Retriever' always chokes me up for reasons I'd be hard put to explain.

When are you going on tour again, Paul? My You're The One T-shirt is almost worn out.

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