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No longer a Sempai

About a year and a half ago, Sensei asked me if I'd care to help him teach the kids' class that runs before my Wednesday night karate class.

I quit last night.

Partly because I hate rushing straight from work to karate and not having supper until 9:30 at night, but mostly because I was simply no good at earning respect from the kids and not much cop at teaching them. I improved a bit over the months, but not enough. While there were good moments, in general it was the most-dreaded hour of my week.

I do feel a bit of a failure, but I gave it my best shot. Maybe in a few years' time I'll have the extra confidence needed to make a go of it. And now I won't hit the adult class already exhausted and starving.

Then I got home and put both my gis plus my mitts and pads in for a 95° whites wash, only to discover three of calgor's black socks lurking in the machine at the end of the cycle.
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