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The Northern part of the Northern Hemisphere

Just over a year ago, I spent a week husky sledding in the Arctic Circle. It was one of the best weeks of my life to date and the standard by which I measure things that make me happy.

While I was out there, I tentatively asked Lotti, the lady in charge of the camp, whether she needed any help during the winter season - bearing in mind I've never owned any sort of dog myself, let alone a working husky, and am fairly inept generally.

She said: "Yes, I say you will have to work hard and I can only pay you pocket money, and if they say yes then I know they are the right sort of person."

I said: "You'd pay me??"

So in a week's time, I'm going back for three weeks of mucking out dogs in return for bed, board and husky cuddles. This is the longest I'll ever have been out of the country, and I'm slightly nervous. What if I'm too incompetent to do the work? What if I mislay some dogs? What if I break a limb?

I'm thinking of going for a drink after work on Thursday 16th before departing. If anyone would care to join me, I'll be in the Barrowboy & Banker just south of London Bridge from 5ish, staying not too late because I'll have to go home and pack.

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