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The Leopards of Southwark

Animal lover wants to keep leopards in his garden. Via ruudboy.

The RSPCA said it was "extremely concerned" that clouded leopards - which can weigh up to 50lb - might be kept in a garden in a busy residential area of London.

Perhaps they'll let him have 'an ocelot and a margay', which he also requests.

The mind boggles. I'd be more concerned for the leopards' welfare than the residents', given that I once saw a man being leaped on and beaten by an entire rugby team as I was driving home through Peckham.

I think they'd be better off living in, say...Bromley.

Wouldn't you like one of these in your garden?

Clouded leopard

Also: a new word from sloopjonb. I don't really have a hypocoristicon, though you can call me Al. (And galahadwarhorse calls me 'Huskers' - does this count?)

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