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Flash, scourge of the universe

I sometimes have a problem with Internet Explorer where it pops up an error telling me there's insufficient memory to run Flash. This usually clears up if I quit and open it again, but often I can't be bothered because I'm only missing out on a few ads.

That's unless I come across a site like Bacon's - A Church of England Sponsored City Technology College, which has nothing at all on its front page but a .swf. No link to an HTML alternative, nothing. So no Flash = blank page.


Yes, I could just close Explorer and try again. But I reserve the right to be pissed off.

(Why did I want to look at the site anyway? Because that's where tomorrow's football practice is being held and I hoped to find out where the heck it is.)

While I'm on a technology rant, I was fiddling about under my desk earlier and came eye-to-eye with my keyboard long end on, not a view I normally get. Then I discovered the flaw in the iMac's beautiful transparent keyboard: you can see all the biscuit crumbs that have fallen down between the keys over the years. Utterly gross. Do designers not snack at their desks like the rest of us?

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