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Stress Puppy

I'm not good at coping with stress, and I find particularly that stress breeds more stress. If I'm experiencing stress in one area of my life, then other stressors which I'd otherwise be able to brush off have a knock-on effect until one more tiny little irritation causes a major eruption. If I didn't have karate to dissipate some of the energy I'm pretty sure I'd either have killed someone or had a heart attack by now.

So, if I spend my weekend packing too much stuff into too few boxes with too little time, then get to work on Monday to find my boss dealing with an emergency at home and our one other colleague on Annual Leave, I'm likely to end up standing in the staff kitchen shouting "WHY is there STILL no BOLLOCKING MILK!?"

See, I told you I was tense.

Oh - galahadwarhorse and rubygloomrox want to know what makes me feel guilty:

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Packet noodles with peanut butter, mango chutney and grated cheese I kid myself that this counts as cooking. Also, I can feel my arteries furring up as I eat.
Literary: Take a Break magazine I buy one whenever I'm travelling by train so I can read about the tragic lives of stupid women who have twelve children by nine fathers rather than, say, reading a good book from the billions at my disposal.
Audiovisual: 'Arthur' I'm 28 and hooked on a cartoon in which a badly-drawn aardvark learns about life through suburban adventures.
Musical: 'Take My Breath Away' - Berlin Dreadful, dreadful soft rock power ballad abomination, yet I go all swoony when I hear it. And I didn't even like 'Top Gun'.
Celebrity: Steve Martin Watched 'Parenthood' three times.

Fill it in here.
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