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cheers cheers cheers

When that grate brane redscharlach offered to take a random Interest from her readers' lists and generate a poem on the subject, I was quick to leap up and down going please miss, me miss, yes miss. Here is the result.

nigel molesworth's big holiwud pitch to be the next james bond, cheers cheers cheers

O how i wish i woz a grate SPY
obtaning topp SEEKRITS with my beedy eye
drivin around in a car wot hav fins
defusing BOMMS hiden in bak bean tins
doing the durty 4 british inteligence
drinking Marteenies with styl and elegence
but ther is 1 thing i do hav to sa
ther will be no kissin GURLS no wa.

~ © redscharlach 2006


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