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Through the square window

Time to revisit Friday's post and draw some fascinating conclusions a pretty table.

This is the list of adjectives I came up with for myself:

  • intelligent
  • independent
  • brave
  • tense
  • trustworthy
  • witty

All except tense were selected by more than one other person, with intelligent and witty leading the field. (This pleased me hugely, so I can't be nearly as modest as three of you think.)

The most popular selection, though, was friendly, picked seven times. This was a big surprise, as I think I can come across as stand-offish. I hope I don't go around giving the impression that I'm anybody's for a bag of Maltesers. (You're welcome to try, mind.)

I don't disagree with anything anyone picked. I was surprised to see sentimental ranked so high, but as I'm about to spend Valentine's evening watching 'Casablanca' at the NFT perhaps I shouldn't be, and I was immensely flattered to be described as dignified, because I do like to think of myself as such but thought I'd be laughed down if I ever suggested such a thing.

Nobody shares my precise view of me. The closest were insofox, loganberrybunny, hrrunka and kowarth, who each picked three of the same descriptors as I did.

Open (known to me and others)
  • intelligent (6)
  • witty (6)
  • brave (3)
  • independent (3)
  • trustworthy (3)
Blind (known to others but not me)
  • friendly (7)
  • knowledgeable (3)
  • modest (3)
  • shy (3)
  • sentimental (3)
  • clever (2)
  • kind (2)
  • logical (2)
  • sympathetic (2)
  • able (1)
  • calm (1)
  • caring (1)
  • complex (1)
  • confident (1)
  • dependable (1)
  • dignified (1)
  • energetic (1)
  • happy (1)
  • observant (1)
  • powerful (1)
  • reflective (1)
  • responsive (1)
  • self-conscious (1)
  • sensible (1)
  • silly (1)
Hidden (known to me but not others)
  • tense
Unknown (not known to me or others)



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