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There are things known and things unknown, and in between is the window

verlaine linked to this article featuring an experiment from the 1950s entitled Johari's Window, which sounds exotic until you notice that the two researchers who came up with it were named Joseph and Harry.

The interesting bit is towards the bottom:

'Johari's Window is made up of four quadrants: quadrant 1 is the "open" area for information about you known by you and by others; quadrant 2, the "blind" area, is information about yourself of which you're blissfully unaware, yet is blindingly obvious to those around you; the "hidden" area is quadrant 3, stuff known only by you; and quadrant 4 is the "unknown" area, potential talents and skills that have yet to be spotted and tapped by you or your managers.'

This exercise is supposed to increase quadrant 1 and shrink the others, resulting in greater self-knowledge.

I have selected from the list below the six words which I think best apply to me. You are invited to do the same, and at some later date I will reveal the ones I picked and compare my subjective view of huskyteer to your objective ones:
able, dependable, intelligent, patient, sensible, accepting, dignified, introverted, powerful, sentimental, adaptable, energetic, kind, proud, shy, bold, extroverted, knowledgable, quiet, silly, brave, friendly, logical, reflective, spontaneous, calm, giving, loving, relaxed, sympathetic, caring, happy, mature, religious, tense, cheerful, helpful, modest, responsive, trustworthy, clever, idealistic, nervous, searching, warm, complex, independent, observant, self-assertive, wise, confident, ingenious, organised, self-conscious, and witty
Feel free to tell me any other things of which I'm blissfully unaware, yet are blindingly obvious to those around me. Especially if they're major psychological disorders, an acquaintance who blatantly fancies me, or a big scary monster just outside my field of vision.

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