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Anyone out there with greater knowledge of MySQL than me?

I imagine, in fact, that there are single-celled organisms on as yet undiscovered planets with greater knowledge of MySQL than me, but anyway:

I have this database which matches conference presentations to the job skills they help with. The user ranks the skills in order of importance and the database spits out a list of presentations which help with the top-ranked skills. I use an HTML table and the group_concat function to get the skill name in the left-hand cell and the list of presentations on the right. You can see it all happening here.

My problem is that it's returning incomplete results. It doesn't list all the presentations associated with a skill, and often cuts off halfway through a title. What's that all about, then? My first thought is that I've built an inefficient database and it's struggling to find all the information it needs.

While I'm calling on the collected wisdom of LiveJournal: I have a spraycan still half-full of paint from a painting job a few months ago, but the nozzle is blocked. How can I fix it?

EDIT: The coding problem is sorted. On to the paint!
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