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Funny Peculiar

Five quirks

  1. I can't get to sleep without a stuffed animal. If I find myself without one I have to cuddle a corner of the duvet, or my own arm.
  2. Oral fixation. In other words, I chew things. Never, ever lend me a writing implement. (Sarcasm is an oral fixation trait too.)
  3. I have a thing about paws. I find animals' feet, especially the pads, incredibly cute, and squeal at photos like this.
  4. I can't stand to be watched when I'm eating. If there are other people in the room who aren't eating while I am, I get very defensive and secretive. It's probably primitive fear that they will try to take my food away.
  5. I wear boys' pants. I don't mean I steal them from boys; I buy them new. The elastic's more comfortable than knickers and you can get them with Scooby Doo on - win all round.

Five guilty pleasures

  • Mike Gayle novels
  • Doing the ton
  • Starbucks caramel macchiato
  • Happy Days double bills
  • Wearing boys' pants

Tell me yours: sloopjonb, galahadwarhorse, phoenicia, wosny and afya. If you wish.

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