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Here be tygers

To the Victoria and Albert Museum this afternoon to see Rewind, 'celebrating 40 years of design and advertising', or 'smug graduates receive obscene salaries for innovative use of Verdana and give each other daft awards in the shape of giant bronze pencils'.

(Didn't you desperately want to get into advertising after graduating and utterly fail to get anywhere, Alice? Why yes I did actually.)

One of the V&A's most popular exhibits is Tippoo's Tiger, a Victorian mechanical, musical toy from India which shows a British soldier getting horribly mauled by a smiley tiger.

The tiger has been a mainstay of the gifte shoppe for some time, with postcards, erasers and cardboard replicas on sale. Today we discovered that he's now available in soft toy form. I had to have one.

It is possible that I possess too much plush. But I know at least 2 LJ Friends who will assure me that that's not possible.

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