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DI Sam Tyler stepped into the Quantum Leap Accelerator...and vanished

I rushed home from five-a-side last night in order to catch the first episode of Life on Mars, the first bit of TV I've actively looked forward to since the All New Doctor Who Show last year.

I was pretty sure I would enjoy a timeslip detective drama from the makers of Spooks, and I was not disappointed. As the eponymous song went seamlessly from iPod to car radio and our hero stood up and brushed off his ludicrously wide shirt collar, I realised I was experiencing the kind of quality entertainment that makes the licence fee almost bearable.

There's limited play in seeing the hapless Sam confusing BT operators by attempting to dial a mobile number ("No, it's a Virgin Mobile." "Ooh, don't get fresh with me, young man." etc etc), but it's endless fun watching his nice 2006 New Man let loose in an office full of moustached chauvinists who drink during working hours and chain-smoke at their desks.

It helps, too, that John Simm as Sam Tyler looks, in the right light and his scruffy leather jacket, not unlike Mike Pratt as Jeff Randall in Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased), easily among my top ten favourite TV programmes ever. More, please.

(Did people really say 'he's my ex' in 1973? If they did, what great anachronistic inaccuracies did you field?)
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