September 15th, 2020


A Day of Firsts

Today, for the first time, I went in to the office where I've been nominally based since June, and met three of my colleagues face to face. My boss had to collect me from reception as I didn't know where our desks were.

In preparation for this exciting day I slept really badly; one of those nights when you think you've been awake for four hours but realise you can't have been because that stuff with the circus didn't really happen, nor did you have a nice chat in the pub with Richard Briers.

There were perhaps a dozen people on our vast floor, in little islands separated by rows of uninhabitable desks.

We got very little work done in the morning because we were getting 3 months' worth of idle chitchat off our chests, but this was probably productive in a general way. Then we bought sandwiches and sat in the gardens by Millbank, and were excited by a sighting of Michael Palin. I

It was nice to come in to central London, and see people, and much more efficient to shout a quick question across the office than to send an email or bother someone on Skype. The commute, though! Nearly two hours of my life I won't get back, plus getting shouted at by a rude fellow-biker on the streets of Westminster! I'll be happy if we don't return to this particular normal.

In the evening, I headed out again for my first karate class in over six months. I'd been a little anxious about how this would go, but the session had been well planned: one door for entry, one for exit, with hand sanitiser at both. A maximum class size, and marks on the floor so we could stand spaced out. Sparring and self-defence are off the menu for now (which is fine by me), as is shouting KIAI!

I'm pretty tired after all these adventures. Luckily I have tomorrow off as it's my birthday. Unluckily I have filled it with a packed itinerary of fun stuff.