April 13th, 2020

Cat Air

If You Have No Daughters, Give Them To Your Sons

I managed to get hot cross buns at ALDI, as well as a chocolate rabbit, so that was Easter sorted.

It was a strange and quiet Bank Holiday weekend, but not unpleasant. I finished a modelling project that's been on my workbench for some months: a 4½ litre Blower Bentley, which I saw in a charity shop window and identified as the car James Bond drives in the early books. I thought it would be fun to paint it in Bond's battleship grey, and once the hundreds of tiny parts were together I spent some time on a photoshoot:


On Saturday night the Spybrary podcast hosted virtual drinks, which ended up going on till midnight UK time. It was lovely to put faces to some online friends and have a peek at their bookcases. I put on a dinner jacket and bow tie to give everyone a laugh, though I saw no reason to bother with proper trousers:


I recently took out a subscription to BFI Player, since I can't go to the cinema, and have been catching up with some classics. On Friday I watched The Long Good Friday - mostly to laugh at an early appearance by Pierce Brosnan as 'First Irishman', but it turned out to be a wonderfully sharp gangster film with an amazing performance by Bob Hoskins, whom I mostly know from his later, more comical and avuncular roles.

Last night I tried Wings of Desire, which several people had recommended to me because I love Berlin, Peter Falk and A Matter of Life and Death, and of course I fell in love with it too. It's a gorgeous film; uplifting and a little heartbreaking, arty but full of humanity. Definitely one for these times.

Tomorrow it's back to work, and I'm part-sorry, part-grateful.