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Bloody, Bold and Resolute

I made enough resolutions last year to keep me going for a while, and I think I did pretty well on most of them.

  • Being less selfconscious: Good effort here. This year I'll work on doing it without the aid of alcohol.
  • Pets: Gerbils, two, assorted colours. They're small and brainless, but they're mine.
  • Freelance work: One very nice website, two or three leads which seem to have dried up. Could do better.
  • Writing and getting published: Ah. Bit of a miss here.
  • Liking myself: Most of the time sickeningly so and to the point where people must really want to hit me. Occasional despairing lapses.

So. Not so much resolutions as hoped-for achievements this year:

  • Start thinking about a new job. It's not as if I'm unhappy in my current one, but I'd like to work somewhere with a bit more street cred and I'd certainly welcome a larger income. There's no prospect of promotion here except to my manager's job, which I'd hate. At the very least it wouldn't hurt to update my CV, which hasn't been touched since 2002.
  • Get my red belt. It's over a year since my last karate grading. I feel ready. And red is only one belt away from brown, and once you're a brown belt black is within your grasp.
  • Pass the IAM Advanced Motorcycling test. Passing still doesn't mean you're all that, and you never stop learning, but it would make me feel a heck of a lot more confident about my riding abilities.
  • Attend raja_laba_laba's and le_loup_peint's wedding. After any number of snags and setbacks, it looks like 2006 is the year for these two and I can't think of anyone more deserving of wedded bliss, for all kinds of reasons.
  • Travel. I have a couple of excursions planned for this year and should be visiting a couple of countries I've never been to before, but I'd like to add some more to the list if budget allows.
  • Be nice. But not beat myself up when I fail to be nice to everyone, all the time, in thought and word and deed - because I'm only human and some people are bloody annoying.
  • That writing/getting published thing again. Nuff said.

I hope being two days late with my New Year resolutions isn't symptomatic of the year to come. I also discovered on the 1st of Jan that upon getting in at half past midnight that morning I'd drunkenly written an entry in the wrong section of my brand new diary. Good start all round, then.


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