July 25th, 2019

Of Rassilon

The Living Podcasts

This year I've gone from being a podcast virgin to having three under my belt.

My latest appearance is on Betamax Video Club, dedicated to films of the 1980s. The host, Rich, is currently working his way through the '80s Bond films, and (for some reason) asked me if I'd like to do one of the Dalton ones. I agreed with indecent haste, requesting The Living Daylights as it's my favourite.

Rich offered to come and do the recording in my home (we'd met previously at a film screening and satisfied ourselves that we were both reasonably normal). I made him a cup of tea in my Living Daylights mug while he set up a couple of mikes on the dining-table.

We spent two happy hours discussing the film and related subjects, which Rich has now edited down into something more sensible and less rambly. He was very patient with my need to list
  1. every type of military aircraft that appears in the film and
  2. Timothy Dalton's most attractive physical features

Eyelashes; cheekbones; hands (since you ask).

If you enjoy Bond or just fancy finding out what my voice sounds like, give it a listen here or wherever you get your podcasts!

(Rich has promised me the 1986 Biggles movie too. Brace yourselves.)