January 10th, 2019

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Triumph of a Time Lord

I had dinner with friends last night and they introduced me to Marmite and cheddar sausages, which has changed my life significantly for the better.

More importantly, their nine-year-old daughter popped off to her room in the middle of the meal and returned wearing rainbow braces, because she is currently the 13th Doctor.

Unlike most people, she was delighted to discover that she was in the company of a massive nerd and admired my rendition of EX-TER-MI-NATE!

"Do you remember when there was a man made of sweets and everyone had to be happy?" she asked, describing an adventure she'd read about in her annual which I identified as (of course) The Happiness Patrol.

We discussed our favourite episodes from the series just finished, and she asked me why the Dalek in the New Year special was an octopus, whereupon I launched into the history of Skaro, the Kaleds and Davros.

Doctor Who is clearly doing something very right indeed.
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