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Happy New Year to you too

I arrived back from Christmas and New Year at my parents' to find a message from the Departamento legal at BRB Internacional in my inbox:
Dear Sir,

With this mail, BRB INTERNACIONAL, S.,A., as owner an d holder of all Intellectual property Rights in worldwide of the Series “DOGTANIAN AND THE THREE MUSKEHOUNDS” we order you o close immediately your website

You are not authorising to use pictures of the Series. As you know, you are breaching all the protections that the Intellectual Property Legislation grants to the owner of the Series.

Is for this that, if in 24 hours you don’t close your web, we are obliged to initiate with the corresponding reclamation through the more effective way the Law allows us.-
Your Sincerely,.
You wanna piece of me? Huh? Good luck with that.

(Since the email arrived on December 28th and nobody yet appears to be suing me, I'm not too scared.)
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