December 14th, 2015

Christmas Max & 99

See All The People, Do All The Things

Now that Christmas is fast approaching, I have been seized with the urge to catch up with everyone I know, so the last few days have gone like this:

Wednesday: Have friend A round for dinner
Thursday: Pub with old pals B & C from university
Friday: Pizza at friend D's
Saturday: Hang out with friend E in Windsor
Sunday: Christmas lunch at pub in St Albans with scooter forum crew

This week will mark a return to my more usual evening schedule of karate and the internet, plus our team Christmas outing (we're going bowling).

Unlimited Rice Pudding

While I was in Windsor on Saturday, I picked up a copy of Remembrance of the Daleks in CeX. That evening, I thought I'd watch an episode or two while writing Christmas cards. I ended up watching the whole thing and not writing any Christmas cards.

For those unfamiliar with the story, it is a Sylvester McCoy-era adventure that takes the Doctor back to 1963 London, a few weeks after he left it in An Unearthly Child while looking like William Hartnell.

I'm not sure I'd seen this one since its original run in 1988, and there was much that passed over my head first time round. My abiding memories were of the following three classic moments:

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