October 8th, 2015

Orange Vespa Huskyteer

Stripes and Roundels

We are the Mods.
Two-stroke tigers, burning Brighton.
Khaki parkas mask
The dazzle-camo pattern of our stripes.

We are the Mods.
Whiskers sprout like mirror stalks.
Our tiger-in-the-tank tails
Need no antenna to set them twitching.

We are the Mods.
We prowl the jukebox jungle,
Eyes reflective as a moon-chromed hubcap.
Two-tone roundels are our ears.

We are the Mods,
The modernest of Modernists.
Steel-toed boots sheathe claws.
We are the Modified.

For National Poetry Day. Written 2012. Published 2014 in Far Off Places vol. II issue II 'Sartorial'.