June 8th, 2015

Secret Agent Dog

Top Secret

I have a couple of pieces in upcoming furry anthologies, and coincidentally (though perhaps not surprisingly, me being me), both are espionage-themed.

Meena Mae, appearing in Heat 12 from sofawolf (link a bit NSFW), is a poem about 'a new kind of special operative: feline, seductive, and more than her handlers realize'. It is based, FYI, on the somewhat filthy wartime Ode to a Gezira Lovely, which I recited at my boarding-school's Senior Verse Speaking Competition largely so I could say the word 'fucking' in front of the entire Drama department.

Gerbil 07, in ROAR 6 from furplanet, is the tale of a genetically engineered surveillance animal who wants to be James Bond. It is, I hope, funny (I read it aloud to an audience at ConFuzzled and it got a very positive reception). Collapse )