February 9th, 2015


San Francisco, Day 13: Zen and the Art of Chicken Soup (23/01)

Our time in California was nearly over, which meant it was time for me to stock up on the best and worst of American food. I took care of the latter with an unsupervised trip to the discount supermarket up the road, which yielded such goodies as Scooby Doo Fruit Snacks, Pop-Tarts with baseball team logos printed on them, and bright blue marshmallow bunny rabbits. In the afternoon I was shown the error of my ways at Trader Joe's, a far superior if more expensive establishment where I could, and did, buy gingerbread coffee, Fleur de Sel caramels and peanut butter pretzel pieces.

In between, we had lunch at Jim and Kristin's favourite Chinese restaurant, Zen. We made the mistake of claiming to be very hungry, which meant that nobody finished except Jim and there were doggy bags to take home.

There was still daylight left, and the short ride to Zen and Trader Joe's had not brought me anywhere near my RDA of scootering, so Jim sent us on a mystery tour through sixty miles of town and country, with a freeway blast at the end. On our return I got under some cats and ate my leftover noodles while we all watched Escape from Alcatraz.

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