January 8th, 2015


Go Ro

If you give blood in the UK, you'll know that something changes pretty much every time you go along: they're using a different kind of bandage, or they've taken away the Tuc sandwich crackers, or introduced yet another opportunity for you to recite your name, date of birth and postcode.

At last night's session, the Donor Carer who was hooking me up looked at my form and said "Oh - I just need to get you a label." She popped off for a moment and returned with a brown luggage tag, as if I were an evacuee. It read: 'RO'.

She explained that this was a new system they were trying, and I had a component in my blood that made it suitable for people with sickle cell anaemia.

"So you're going to help someone with sickle cell!" she said, which made my evening.

At home, I found this news release, which explains things in more detail. Turns out I have the Rhesus subtype Ro, which is often a match for people with conditions requiring regular transfusions.

My blood group is A positive, the second most common type, so it's cool that I have a rare subtype, and that from now on I'll know where my donation is most likely heading.

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