August 19th, 2014


#LonCon3: Saturday

WorldCon wasn't something that had pinged my radar at all, yet suddenly everyone I knew seemed to be talking about it. And hey, most years it was somewhere far away, like America, but this year it was at the ExCel Centre, which is, in London terms, on my doorstep. Had it been as distant as, say, the Ally Pally, I might not have bothered, and that would have been a pity, because I had an amazing time.

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Casino Royale

#LonCon3: Sunday

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There were plenty of people I never managed to bump into and lots of things I didn't do; I listened to no filk, watched no screenings, and played no games, though I'm sure I would have enjoyed all these things had I gone along to them. I didn't manage to do half the things I'd earmarked on my programme, including, alas, 'stare at Joe Haldemann', but I filled my time in a fun fashion, and that's what's important.

Would I go to another WorldCon? If it was reasonably local, like a shot. Further afield, not sure. Had I but world enough and time, as Illya Kuryakin would say.