July 22nd, 2014

Casino Royale


I went to the Proms last night!

I always feel I should go to one over the summer, and luckily I have tkb to decide what he wants to see, then email his culturally-minded friends (and me) with the options. Thus I can pick something with a piece I vaguely know or a composer I think I like, job done.

Last night it was this one because of Till Eulenspiegel, which I remember sitting through one music lesson at prep school. It turned out I didn't remember it that well, although I did recall that it ends with the character's execution. (I didn't realise until I looked it up on Wikipedia just now that his name means 'owl mirror' and is usually translated as Owlglass.)

At the end, since our applause warranted it (I suspect it always does), the conductor announced 'something really Swiss' for an encore. I don't know what this was, but it started with cowbells, which made everyone laugh, and later had an oompah bit, which made everyone laugh again. It looked like oodles of fun for the orchestra, especially the percussion section, and was my favourite performance of the evening.

Gosh, though, it was hot in the Albert Hall.
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