February 27th, 2014

Husky Airways

Old Tech, New Tech

Late last night I remembered my portable airband radio - a present from my parents almost twenty years ago - and decided to see what I could pick up. I found both Heathrow and Gatwick, and was listening in to the conversations between tower and air when it occurred to me that I could also turn on the iPad and fire up the Flightradar24 app. Sure enough, I could hear Air Traffic Control instructing pilots to change speed, height or direction, then watch the little aircraft icons comply.

I'm sure this sort of thing is old news to moth_wingthane, but it was pretty exciting for me.
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Coke Bottle Bottoms

I went and had my eyes tested at lunchtime, because it's been a while. I'd sworn never to darken the doors of Vision Express again after suffering rudeness in one branch and incompetence in another, but a Nectar offer of a free test lured me in.

My optician was very thorough, polite (when he accidentally dropped a lens in my lap he waited for me to pick it up rather than scrabble around in my crotch area), and patient about having to repeat the bit where they puff air in your eye ("Yes, very good reactions...would you mind if I held your eyelid open?")

He did say that because my prescription was so strong, he'd like me to come back at a later date and have my pupils dilated with drops so he could take a more detailed look at my eyes. Since no other optician has ever suggested this, and I would have been unable to work or drive afterwards, I declined his offer in a thoroughly cowardly assertive manner. (Really, has this happened to anyone else as part of a routine eye test, or was it the world's worst attempt at a pickup? Hey baby, I can make your pupils dilate?)

The good news is that my left eye has balanced itself out by becoming worse in one way and better in another, so the prescription on that side remains unchanged, while my right has improved to the point where that lens is in fact slightly too strong, so no new glasses required.
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