January 15th, 2014


Toothy Grin

I went to the dentist's yesterday for my annual fang inspection, having rung to book an appointment on Monday. I'd have preferred a little more time to, sorry, 'brush up' on my flossing, but never mind.

Gosh, they are eager to entice you into further treatment these days. I had to fill in a form about my medical history before proceeding to the surgery, and at the end was a section called 'Are you happy with your smile?' which asked:
- Do you wish your teeth were whiter?
- Are you embarrassed by a missing tooth?
- Do you have crooked teeth you wish were straight?
- Do you have metal fillings you wish were white?

I HAVE A LOVELY SMILE THANK YOU (though I was persuaded to book an encore with the hygienist a couple of weeks hence).

I do like my current surgery, because dentists and nurses alike are so jolly. Last night's dentist also had the gentlest hand with that horrible little metal pick I have ever encountered. As I hauled myself into the chair, I apologised for being in my motorcycle overtrousers (I was running late).

"That's all right! As long as you're not naked!" chirped the nurse, adding "Not that you don't have the figure for it, Madam! It's just the shock!"


I was in there for literally five minutes, and paid £18 for the privilege. But that's one area in which I'm happy not to get my money's worth.
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Orange Vespa Huskyteer

The Good Samaritan

I was on my way home from karate last night when a young black man in a BMW started driving erratically behind me: too fast, too close, weaving, trying to come up my inside and hooting at me. Eventually we pulled up next to each other at the lights and I turned round to give him a glare, and possibly a piece of my mind...

...and he wound down his window and said "Do you know your tail light's not working?"
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