June 24th, 2013

Husky Airways

First of the Season

My first airshow of 2013 was the South East Air Show at Manston on Saturday. I had a two-for-one voucher from Groupon (much more relevant to my interests than their usual offerings of mani-pedis and colonic irrigation), so Howard came along for the ride.

A slightly grim ride at times, due to high winds on the M2 and at our destination. The queue was fairly epic, as well, starting just after the Herne Bay turnoff and giving us nearly ten miles of filtering. When we arrived, the stewards had no clue where to park bikes, so we just found a suitable space where we wouldn't be in anyone's way.

The show was shortened by the weather conditions - the Great War Display Team weren't there, to my great sorrow - but we enjoyed the Vulcan and the lovely Hunter Miss Demeanour. Cold War Hour was rounded off by a pair of L-29 Delfins belonging to the 'Red Star Rebels' display team, which comprehensively beat up the airfield with some exciting pyrotechnics, followed by an Apache. We also found time to wander round the static display and the trade stands.

Not the best show ever, but a fun day all the same. We returned home tired out, by the slower but more scenic and sheltered A2. I look forward to more airshow action over the course of the summer.

Google's top hit for 'manston air show', by the way, is currently BBC News: Manston air show traffic problems criticised. I'm so glad I started going to these things by bike.