March 31st, 2012

Monocle Husky


A few weeks ago, I announced my intention to write 500 words a day - 15,000 words a month - for three months, which would give me 45,000 words and, hopefully, something approaching a first draft.

It's March 31st and the word count stands at 15332.

I suspect many of these words are padding induced by the daily target, à la NaNoWriMo, and there are already plot holes and contradictions to fix, but that's what second drafts are for. And probably third, fourth and fifth drafts, by the look of it.

I haven't made as much progress into the plot as I'd thought I would by now, probably due to the aforementioned padding, and it may turn into 60,000 words in four months. I'm also teetering on the brink of the black hole in the middle of the book where I've no idea what happens, but I know where I need to end up and I hope ideas will occur to me as I go along (have I mentioned I belong to the seat-of-pants school of writing?).

But! 15,000 words, not to mention numerous plot strands, devices and characters, exist now that did not exist on March 1st. Onward!
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