August 11th, 2011

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Writer's Block: Live action hero

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Which is your favorite or least favorite comic book-turned-movie?

I liked the Disney Dick Tracy movie very much, and I have it on DVD. For a long time it was all the Dick Tracy I had apart from a couple of strips reprinted in the Penguin Book of Comics - which had been enough to make me a fan.

It had a decent plot, involved lots of classic villains, and had a wonderful cartoonish feel with big blocks of colour, simplified lines and stark black backgrounds.

1990? Was it really? Cripes.

Orange Vespa Huskyteer

Old Friend

Guess what I saw on my way home from work yesterday? My old Vespa ET4, which I sold over a year ago!

I recognised the pawprint sticker on the top box, and the reg number confirmed it.

I pursued the rider all through New Cross so I could communicate the vital information that he was riding my old bike, but he was too speedy despite being on L plates and having 75cc less power than me.

It looked as though it had suffered a bash to the rear, but I was delighted to see it still running and back in its old stamping grounds.