May 10th, 2011

Casino Royale

Top Secret

Last week I received an excited email from several_bees entitled 'Spies!'. In it was word of The Celluloid Curtain, a festival celebrating European spy movies from both sides of the Cold War.

I was away over the weekend so missed the bulk of the action at Riverside Studios, but we arranged a clandestine meeting to catch the very last item on the programme, Streng Geheim / For Eyes Only.

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The studio café was hosting an exhibition of original spy film posters from all over Europe, some gloriously kitschy, some artistically brilliant, and surprisingly many for films starring Daniela Bianchi and/or Peter van Eyck. If there had been postcards on sale I'd have bought the complete set.

You can see them all, and many more, at The Kiss Kiss Kill Kill Archive.